Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Katie K. Mini Session

As promised.... I spent another day, well night technically, with Katie in Jax. She was nice enough to be my guinea pig for some new lighting I wanted to try out. We had a great time being silly and playing around the with light. See what we came up with....

This first one is my favorite of the night.

Even some of our outtakes where pretty cute.....


  1. Sweetness, girl! I am yet to do some strobe lighting shots myself :) Keep up the good work!

  2. These are great pics of Katie! She has no idea how cute she is, but you really got it! You really are a very talented photog! I am so jealous, I guess it's a good thing I like you anyway :)

  3. that first one is my favorite too! they're all great!

  4. is this the spot you were telling me about?! love it! these pics are hot!!

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Yea Lynds, these were all done downtown in different alley ways. But I am down for anything, whatever you have in mind. New places are always great!


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