Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Early Mid Life Crisis....

As some of you know… I am creeping up on my 30th birthday. Yes, Me… I will be 30 on Saturday. I can’t believe it either. It seems like I am still just 24ish. When people ask me my age, I honestly have to think about it sometimes. I just do not feel like I am 30, but the age itself just feel like death. It’s so hard to get the number 29, almost 30 out of my mouth. It is feeling like it the end to my childhood. Being in my 20’s I could still at least pretend I was young, hip & cool and kinda get away with it.

Now that I am about to be 30, what I am going to have to change? My lifestyle, my clothing, my party spots. I mean, honestly how long can I get away with shopping in the juniors section without looking like an old women in kids clothing…. What clubs can I go to without feeling like I am picking my kid up from their first date? Am I going to be that creepy old lady in the corner at hardcore shows, banging her head to the music and leaving as soon as the show is over b/c she doesn’t “hang out” after shows anymore? Am I running out of time to do crazy things and get away with it? No more toilet paper rolling my friends houses to say hey on a bored weekend in Louisiana. No more sitting in the floor of Wal-Mart with my best friend at 4am reading magazines just because we can (b/c at 30 that is just weird). No more 3am trips to the Waffle House b/c we have absolutely nothing to eat in my dorm. Instead, I am at home sound asleep and have been there for awhile. My spare time will now be spent doing laundry and snoozing through reruns of Married with Children.

So maybe I am being a little over dramatic. After all, as my mom says, its only 30 and 30 is the new 20. I am hoping she is right b/c I am far from done banging my head in the corner at hardcore shows and eating at Waffle House at 3am, whenever I am up that late.

Just for kicks…. Here are some of my fun college 18-20yr old moments!
Sorry I was unable to find the pictures of us in Wal-Mart on the floor eating Slim Jim's and reading Cosmo. These will have to do for now.
Also stayed tuned for my after 30 pictures I will post next week. Woo-hoo!

One of me Senior Trip, at Chevy's in Houston, Tx.

One of a pool party at Dana's house, right before graduation. (Me, Dana, & Heather)

Who knows... one of me, well being me.

My two best buds.... having some drinks at Copeland's. I think this may have been before the legal drinking age was changed to 21 in Louisiana. (Bella, Me, Micah). That thing kicked my butt.

One crazy college night with my girls. (Me, Bella, Bambi, Taryn & Sonya)

Another night out with the girls and another hair color for me...

My big sis (Andrea-stayed tuned for her bridal pictures in April) and I, before I moved to Chicago.

Senior trip with the girls. (Me, Julie, Heather, Dana, Francelle)

OMG... and this was a night I don't remember so well... good ol' college days.


  1. Ahhh Steph...I went through the same thing when I turned 30. The truth is..nothing really changes! 30 really is the new 20!! Keep your head up girl :o)

  2. i agree 30 is the new 20. Nothing to worry about. Since when you all about the worrying? who says you can't do those things? Since when do you care? Crazy girl just be yourself age doesn't matter.

  3. I am almost 40 and I still do everything you said!

  4. These pics made me laugh. I think I changed my hair color as much as you!! You are beautiful. :)

  5. I now feel like such a b-e-e-p! Or as that show Matt has been making me watch on Sunday night's, A HUGE A** TOOL! Here I am at home, worrying about my wedding, my fiance, leaving one of my kids in the grocery, private school tuition, Dad and how the heck he will get all those drunk people safely back across the bridge, and when I talked to you on Valentine's Day Night at 10 p.m., aka your BIG 3-0..it NEVER crossed my mind that it was in fact your BIG 3-0! When you come home for the wedding I owe you a BIG 3-0 drink! Here's to looking so freaking young that your own sis didn't realize how freaking old you actually are! Ask Rhett (my boss) about my BIG 3-0. He posted a sign on the front of my desk (which I couldn't see, but everyone who walked in that day could) that read, "I'm 30! Ask me how it feels!" Lucky for him, 29 was WAY worse than 30 was. 30 was just a #! As to the junior section, I felt the same way so I decided to make a change. These jeans I am wearing this very moment came from Abercrombie KIDS and they have more holes in them than my spaghetti strainer.....but guess what... I don't care....because Matt says my a** looks great in them !!! LOVE YA SIS!!
    p.s. As for the Louisiana TP rolling...I'm thinking Kaycie's house this time.

  6. Yes it's official, you are crazier than I am sis! But God I love you for it. Thanks for making me laugh this morning.


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