Monday, March 30, 2009

My Sunday Afternoon...

So many of you probably don't know but many years ago my man Reilly (as I call him) was in a little punk rock band called Useless Abuse. They broke up a couple of year before I came along and grew up, some got married & had kids, you know the whole drill. Well last week Daniel (drummer) got a wild hair for them to get back together for a little reunion show in May. So this Sunday was their first day back in the studio. They had a great time practicing and get back to old times. I had a great time watching my man singing and being silly. I won't get too mushy but it just made me love him even more. It was pretty hard to get any good pictures of them b/c they were jumping and moving around way too much. Here are a few pictures from the dark studio....

So meet the band..... My honey, Reilly, Lead Vocals!

And on Bass.... The great Mike-y.

The stylish Dave-o on guitar....

Also on guitar... Homie the Omie. Also known as Omar.

And last but not least, Daniel-son on drums....

Earlier that day my friend Zack (father of Marleigh-my recent newborn shoot) swung by for a quick shoot of his newly finished full leg sleeve and his arm sleeve that is almost done. They are just some quick studio pictures but I thought I would share b/c they are amazing! It is the most colorful tattoo I have ever seen. It took a total of 150 hours to finish his whole leg, sometimes sitting for 8 hours at a time. I can't imagine getting drilled on for that long. I can't wait until his arm is done. We plan to do a night shoot of the tatts, stay tuned for that in a few months.
The fish is my favorite part of the tattoo...

And his arm.... that will be done soon.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meet Braeden

Poor Braeden didn't know what he was in for when he came to my house for a photo shoot earlier today. He was no really up for modeling and only gave me about 30 minutes to snap some cute shots. Here is what I was able to get...
Hi World... My name is Braeden. I was born Feb 16th weighed 7lbs, 15oz and was 21 inches long. Now I am 6 weeks old and growing. This is my very first photo shoot. Hope you like it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mother’s Day Special: Looking for something to get your mother for her big day?! Why not surprise her with the thing that every mother or grandmother can’t get enough of…. Pictures of their kids! What better gift than your smiling faces?!

I am running a Mother Day mini Session Special:
30 minutes
Location of your choice
As many photos as we can shoot in this time (at least 50)
1-8x10 & 1 -5x7 Included free
$100 per session

**You can upgrade your session to an hour (for larger families or just because) for extra $50. **
Please email me to set up a time between now and May 3rd.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello World, I'm Marleigh

So before I introduce Marleigh to the world, let me first tell you the story of the day I found out about her. One day in June of last year, Marleigh's mom, Wendy & I got together and headed up towards Kingsley Plantation to do a fun portrait session. We had a great time for a couple of hours and as we headed home. As we are driving and talking, suddenly Wendy says, " I think I am going to be sick." as she jerks the wheel and slams on the breaks on the side of the road. The door flew open and she became (let's just say) very ill. Wendy, of course, begins to blame it on the Woody's that she had eaten earlier that day. As we pull back onto the road, I say the craziest thing.... Wen, maybe you are pregnant!! Being that Wendy & hubbie hadn't really given much thought to having kids yet, she was of course, in denial.

A day after the shoot I get an text from Wendy.... "Girl, the test was positive! I am pregnant." And then, 9 months later.... World, Meet Marleigh!