Monday, March 9, 2009

Calling all Local Photogs: Girl's Day Out

NEW DATE!!! Change: Ok, it's come to my attention that April 12th is Easter Sunday. I guess if I had kids or family near by I would know these things. Silly me for not checking the calendar first. Sorry about that girls. Therefore, this could possibily more to May 10th so that more photographers can join in on the fun. Anyone available May 10th instead?

Attention all Jacksonville area Women Professional Photographers: I am stealing Lyndsay's idea... Since we had such a fabulous time last weekend taking pictures of each other around Jax's downtown. I thought we should try to do it again. I have set up for us to have a model, Meghann, who is a hot tattoo'd lady. She has a couple of cute outfits to model for us and she is ready to be the center of attention for a couple of hours. I am also working on a possible second model for the day, so that we are guaranteed not to get bored!

The 411 about this shoot....

When: MAY 10th, 4pm
Where: Downtown Jax: email for specifics
What you need: All your camera gear & that great eye
Who: All my Professional Lady Photogs out there
Why: Socializing, great pictures, good times.
Extra: We will hit a local hot spot for a bite to eat after the shoot.

If you are interested email me @ or leave a comment here to be contacted.


  1. I would, but that's Easter Sunday and I'll be out of town :(

  2. Girl... you're going to host it on Easter Sunday??? I can't make that :(

  3. See that's what I get for not having kids and living 700 miles away from my family. I don't keep track of holidays like this. This was the only weekend I had open in April. As I will be in New Orleans for 2 wks.

    K, if no one can make it. I will change it to May 10th. I will keep you posted if it changed. Thanks girls for bring that to my attention. I had no idea! :)

  4. If I can get a family member to watch my kids that day I would love to hubby has to work that day...I will see what I can do!!! That sounds fun!!! Thanks for the facebook invite!!!

  5. I think I can make it on the 10th!

  6. I'm available both days, and would love to join! Thanks!

  7. Hey girl.. May 10th is Mom's Day.. gonna be in O-Town to spend time w/ Bobby's family.. aarghh.. I'm bummed that I'm missing another girly time :(

  8. I'm available on April 12th and May 10th. Guess there's no avoiding holidays this time of year! LOL!

  9. I will be in Jax the whole month of June. I would love to come out and shoot!

  10. So is this definitely rescheduled for May 10th? Just wanted to check...

  11. Yes this is on for May 10th at 4pm. I will email you all next week with details on exactly where to meet. I am going downtown on a hunt for the perfect spot this weekend. I will keep you all posted. If you haven't replied yet and still want to go, just send me your email address and I will include you. THanks!


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