Monday, February 22, 2010

Attn Local Photogs

Hey all you local Photogs out there..... It's been quite some time since my last photo day. The last one was a big success and I have gotten many requests recently for another day for us to all get together and do some shooting just for fun, for ourselves, try out some night lighting or poses that you might be too afraid to try during an actual client session. Most of you have requested a weekday afternoon or night shoot. I am arranging a model or two at this time and more details will follow.

Please email me at or comment here and I will email you with all of the details!

And because everyone knows a post is not the same without a picture... Here is a cute shot from our last shoot.


  1. YES! Let me know the details : )

  2. Hi! I would love to be included on the shoot details...

  3. Me too!!!!!!!!!! I would love to have a shoot!!!!!! ~Gina Hatcher!!!

  4. I am definitely interested-

  5. Thanks for the blog love, Stephanie!! And how fun that you're getting another shoot together again :) I hope I can make it this time, please keep me posted!


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