Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Andrea & Matt: The Day After

I know what am I thinking.... posting the day after before posting the wedding. I just couldn't help myself. My big sis & new brother are just too in love and so cute together I had to share with everyone. These were all done on my parent's 40 acres in Ethel, La. Small town life + Hot couple = Some Great Photos!

This is one of my favorites....

Right before this picture she was "driving in her Vanilla Ice 5.0" & Matt was practicing his "Blue Steel" face (if you have seen Zoolander, you will understand). Let's just say they were having alot of fun...

Another one of my favs from the day....

These are their sons.... My sister's big guy Bryan & the little guy is my new nephew Jase.
This is our old tricycle from when we were little. Complete with dad's orange tape holding it together.


  1. These are beautiful.. great work (and I'm adding some of these to my swipe ideas file!!)

    Congrats on your new relatives!!


  2. Love the tricycle and Coca-Cola freezer box shots :)

  3. awesome awesome job!!!

  4. what a great session-you got so many good shots! i love that big coke cooler thingy!!

  5. I have always wanted to do some really good shots of my parents house. It's so beautiful not too. THanks girls!!


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