Monday, May 4, 2009

Andrea's New Orleans Bridal

Two weeks ago I flew into New Orleans Airport & was greeted by my two big sis's, Kaycie & Andrea & cousin, Sandra. Andrea (the middle sister) was getting married the very next weekend. I flew in a week early so we could do it up for her bachelorette party with a night on the town in New Orleans... which is a big deal for us country girls from Ethel, La. Andrea had the most talented & sweet seamstress in Louisiana who made her dress for her.... my mom! Andrea, as you can tell, looks nothing like me with her curly blonde hair (or any of my other siblings), she jokes about being adopted all the time. I think she did an amazing job & made my sister look even more beautiful than she is. Now I only have to get some pictures like this of my equally amazing sister, Kaycie.

It was not the best day for a photo shoot in New Orleans, rainy, muggy & just nasty outside. The city was also incredibly busy with people from the weekend Art Festival, that a good shot in the market was impossible. Instead, we headed inside for a quick shoot at our hotel Renaissance Pere Marquette Hotel. The hotel was beautiful & the staff was amazing. Mark, our bellman (in the photo below) offered us a brand new luggage cart for our use (b/c the old one we snagged wasn't good enough, he said), he even offered his hat to Andrea and did a great job at modeling for us. Once the weather cleared we headed outside for a few quick shots on the streets before heading back in to get ready for our big night out with the girls.


  1. How fun!! That hotel is amazing :) Awesome, girl!

  2. Stephanie! are you serious? these are amazing. i love the locations!!

  3. Yea, the hotel was amazing! It looked even better in person than it did online. Thanks ladies!

  4. We should have hooked Kaycie up with Mark ! Sweet Crab Cakes, I wish I would have thought of that sooner!! Love ya Sis!


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